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Types of bedding

There are many types of bedding available in the market. They are made of various materials. The most common are beddings made of cotton fabric, flannel, satin, silk, poly-cotton (a mixture of cotton and polyester), and even polyester.

However, it often turns out that the purchased bedding does not meet our expectations. We are too cold in it or the pillowcase does not let air through and we sweat under it. Sometimes it is too rough or too slippery.

Choosing the right bedding is very important for us. First of all hygiene and sleeping comfort is important. Speaking about these features we direct our attention to cotton bedding.
Fabric, and cotton knit (jersey).
Bedding available on the market in the vast majority is made of cotton fabric, the material we all know well.

Cotton fabric is usually stiff, inflexible, can be rough and difficult to iron. Such bedding is perfectly suited for use in hotels.

But is it possible to “extract” more from natural cotton? It turns out that yes. Our great discovery of recent months has become bedding made of knitted cotton (jersey).

What is the difference between woven and knitted cotton?

Fundamental. The two materials differ in the way the threads are woven together. Woven fabric is formed from two threads (warp and weft), which are interwoven vertically and horizontally between each other.

Knitted fabric is made from yarn that forms eyelets – exactly like knitted fabric.

Unlike woven fabric, knitted fabric is characterized by high elasticity, extraordinary softness and delicacy.

If so far the term “cotton knitwear” does not mean anything to you, we suggest you go to the closet and pull out your favorite t-shirt. Yes, this is exactly the material. Knitwear surpasses fabric in applications on home bedding.
Cotton Knit Bedding.
Knitted bedding colors
Our adventure with cotton knit began 7 years ago when we were creating a collection of clothing made from natural materials. We were surprised to learn that we do not have to look for quality cotton knitwear on eastern markets. We reached out to Polish producers of this material. After years, a bit on the crazy side, we sewed bed linen from it, and since then it is constantly present in our bedroom.

At some stage we decided to create our own collection of bed linen made of knitted fabric in colors specially prepared for us.

The most fashionable colors of last and this season are of course grey. Our bedding made of cotton knitted fabric in grey melange color fits perfectly to slightly raw, industrial interiors. It will look very good with wooden finishes, steel elements or raw concrete.